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Unlock the potential of the internet for your business. Take advantage of Blue Digital Pixel’s Web Development Agency Manchester by building a solid and successful digital footprint today. Our full-stack robust services, including website design, development, SEO, and ongoing support, make sure all your online needs are fulfilled.


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web development agency manchester
web development agency manchester

Great Web Design Reflects Your Business And Drives Real Results

Getting a digital presence up and established is so much more than throwing up a website and crossing your fingers that it achieves some semblance of success. Your website is the glue of your digital footprint, the place where your customers first meet you, and the conduit to key conversions. Thus, it needs to play nice with things like search engine visibility, differentiation among the competition, and the truth that your visitors are browsing with intent.

How Web Development Agency Manchester Can Transform Your Online Presence

 Our Simple and Effective Custom Web Design Process

web development agency manchester

Main Benefits of Web Development Service

  • Elegant and Unique Design
  • Elaborate Business Professional
  • Fast Web Page Loading
  • High User-Friendly
  • Gathering Information

We are a Digital Agency focusing on eCommerce websites.

We are a group of designers, developers and strategists who are passionate about helping you make a site that is better than your competitor. We work with you so that your visual design & the user interface are perfect. We have successfully paired our 7+ years of design and strategy in crafting these sites. So you can do what you do best – sell your product. We offer 24/7 support as well with our dedicated customer support team. So you can talk to a friendly person right here in the UK any time you like. We would love to talk with you about your eCommerce site. For a free consultation give us a call today.

web development agency manchester
web development agency Manchester

Our Team of WordPress Experts

Among content management systems, WordPress stands out as one of the most widely used. Blue Digital Pixel is a popular WordPress development company and has vast experience in providing top-notch WordPress development services.

We have a dedicated team of WordPress developers as well as other WP professionals. Our industry knowledge and expertise have been amassed from working on innumerable WordPress projects for more than five years. You can hire WordPress developers from our pool of talent and let us help you with your WordPress website and application needs.

We specialize in WordPress Development, Design, Customization, and Support.

We cater to a diverse set of WordPress website development services projects and client requirements—regardless of their size.
Our proficiency extends to crafting custom solutions for a large range of business and enterprise-scale applications. We have a rich portfolio of well-executed and successful WordPress projects that cater to clients globally.

Why Choose BlueDigitalPixel for Your Website?

If the ‘front’ of your website — your home page — is crucial in eliciting a response, it’s because your customers are that much smarter and more selective about what they see. At BlueDigitalPixel, we’ve made website development our forte, giving special attention to designing layouts that ‘get it right’ based on your specific needs. Website design is not a walk in the park. Not everyone can do it.

Custom Website Design

You get unique websites tailored to your client’s wishes. Websites that are different, customized with colours and layout to set your website apart, to make it unique, to make it recognized.

Responsive Web Development

Forget the phone, nothing works well on the computer anymore. We’ll supply the back-end code, making your front-end work seamlessly for phones tablets or for computers. It’s challenging, but our technology makes it work.

Content Management Systems

We make it straightforward for our customers to manage their websites. By working with platforms like WordPress, Drupal and Joomla, we enable websites to be updated and kept running by non-tech experts.

UI/UX Design

We are all about making the use of websites as hassle-free as enjoyable as possible. By keeping things like buttons, menus and general site features simple and clear, users will find it easy to have a pleasant visit and get what they want.


E-commerce Solutions

We allow customers to shop online with ease. Making a living in online shopping is about giving people the option to pay how and when they actually want. We set up payment systems that are both secure and allow for a smooth process.


Back End Development

As with a car, a website’s engine is crucial. We build The behind-the-scenes part of websites so that they have a strong, safe and reliable foundation for proper functionality.

Performance Optimization

By saving pieces of data, compressing images, and tidying up the code, we can make websites load faster and appear neater–experiencing them also takes full advantage of our tricks.




Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We make websites prominent in searches with clever strategies so they can be found more easily and attract more hits.




Front-end Development

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are used to build the appearance and functionality of websites, carefully crafted not only to work together smoothly but also to look beautiful and feel friendly on top it.



web development agency Manchester

We Specialize in WordPress Development

Our team of developers at Blue DigitalPixel can take over your WordPress dilemma or we can build it from scratch if that is what you need. Our large collection of in-house WordPress development building blocks together with our highly skilled developers are ready to build your simple WordPress or your massive high-traffic high-profile WordPress too.

We have experience with everything from small business websites to large enterprise applications on WordPress but we are very proud of our WordPress website development for each of them. The result is a small selection of WordPress website development in our development portfolio as we leave a lot of internal back-ends private at the request of our clients but we can show you plenty of examples of our robust, beautiful front-ends.

Our WordPress developers take on the burden of managing any WordPress-related challenges you encounter. Whatever WordPress issue you’re facing, 24/365 support means we’re available to straighten it out. Contact Bluedigitalpixel’s WordPress Development Services for any WordPress issues you face or to pose questions about anything we’ve covered here.


Changing the Way You Present Yourself Online with a London Web Design Company

We are confident that our experienced professionals can help you build a new and improved online persona. This London-based web development company has fifteen years of experience covering different Web sites. Consequently, they have the means and the manpower to turn your dreamed-of website into reality. Our dedicated team not only builds your website together with you but also takes your brand into account.

WordPress Issue Resolution

We are a team of WordPress Developers fully dedicated to resolving any WordPress issue you may have. With 24/365 support, we are always there when you need to troubleshoot your WordPress issues, adjust something, redesign your WordPress, customize or integrate a new theme or a plug-in or anything else you need. We make it simple, we make it work.
web development agency Manchester


What is a web design agency?
A web design agency is a company that specializes in creating and designing websites. They have a team of web designers and developers who create and manage websites for their clients.
Why should I hire a web design agency?
When you hire a web design agency, you get a whole team of experts to handle your project. Professional web designers will collaborate with you to ensure your site looks great, aligns with your brand, and serves your customers effectively.
What is the difference between web design and web development agency?
Web designers focus on creating the visual appeal of a website, while web developers add the features that make it function smoothly.
What is the difference between a freelance web designer and an agency?
Agencies usually cost more due to additional expenses and team salaries. However, you may receive less personal attention from designers as agencies are often busier, unlike freelancers.
Should you hire a freelancer or a design agency?
If you want a top-notch website that stays current with the latest design trends, choosing an agency is the superior option.

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