The Important 6 Factors to Consider When Doing SEO

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These are the important 6 Factors to consider in optimizing your website in Google.

Secured and Convenient Website

There are 6 factors to consider when doing SEO. The first step that you should do is to ensure that the website is secured and convenient to access. The website should have the right URL that Google bots can easily recognize and crawl. Google will visit the site’s URL to evaluate what the page is all about. Your target keywords must be in the content and using popular or easy words are better. Those words that a researcher will likely type on the search bar. Thus, your website must have the following factors;

  • Trusted and strong coded website builder
  • Sitemap either through generator or WordPress
  • Secured site such as the SSL

A secured URL: https, is great for all types of users. Hence, it will index and rank perfectly on Google.

Faster Page Loading in Desktop and Mobile

As long as the page loads faster, it will consistently increase great user experience. Google aims to provide the best service to its users so a faster website will be preferable. In 2018, Google confirmed that its algorithm targets the web page speed. They will penalize those sites that are sluggish to load in both desktop and mobile devices.

There are online tools that you can use to test if your website is faster or not. If you are using WordPress, try the Google Search Console that may help you enhance the performance of your site. Including its readability and speed.

Mobile Friendly Website

Talking about devices, mobile is the primary medium that most users utilize to search for something they need. Thus, a website must be mobile-friendly as this is a major SEO factor that Google considers to put your site on the top of organic searches. A mobile-optimized sites are indexing faster in Google than other types of devices. This is how Google pays attention to what’s necessary. If you want to rank higher on Google, make sure that your website is fully optimized on mobile.

To improve user’s experience, check the following factors;

  • Responsive website with faster loading process
  • Readability of the site’s content even on small screen
  • Easy to access contact info form, menus and other things that users want to explore

For instance, a user typed on the search bar the keywords; how to sell my house fast Charleston, then clicked the first website. It should load faster or else, the user will find another site that can load quickly. As a result, that site lost potential leads.

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Valuable and Original Content

Google SEO prioritizes valuable and original content that is why they rank higher on organic searches. Take note that Google’s algorithm depends on the website’s keywords. Google tries to understand what the content is saying then links it to relevant searches. Typically, these are the words that users type on the search bar to look for something. Including the description researchers use to describe it.

Once those phrases and words match, it increases the site’s rankings and visibility to relevant platforms. Aside from that, plagiarized or duplicated content must be avoided. Fresh and easy to understand content will be better than duplicates. It will help your site to be more authoritative.

Optimize Technical SEO 

From the 6 factors to consider when doing SEO, this category must be included. Technical SEO means optimizing the technical codes and tagging to your actual website. This will result in better search engine rankings. Here are key points to target especially if you cannot do proper coding. 

  • Put the keyword phrases on the title page or website’s title page because Google will try to understand the title’s meaning whether it is relevant or not
  • Utilize header tags to emphasize proper hierarchy of keywords from title to subheadings
  • Put interesting meta description to capture readers
  • The meta description must be catchy and concise
  • Put keywords on photo alt tags so that it will emphasize its relevance to the content of the website
  • Utilize target schemes so that Google can easily understand your site’s content

Rankbrain or Searcher’s Experience

The Artificial Intelligence of Google ranks pages from higher to lower based on its relevance and how users interact with the site. There are signals in Rankbrain that directly reflect if your search engine standing is optimized or not.

  • Number of Clicks – this is how much users click your link and enter to your site after searching it on Google
  • Bounce Rate – this is about the percentage of users who click your website but immediately go back to organic searches
  • Dwell Time – this is the length of time that visitors render to your website

If Google discovers that your website is not helpful to users, it will rank lower in organic searches. This often happens if people will not be interested how your website looks, what it offers and its accessibility. 

This will indicate that your website is not suitable for most users’ needs. Thus, changing the content of the site and keywords will help you enhance its weak points. 

On the other hand, if users find your website’s content valuable to their intentions that made them stay longer, this will signal to Google. It means that your website is relevant to what they are looking for.

For instance, a user found an article about home buyers in Greenville and it links directly to your site. If the blog contains useful information that fulfills his or her needs, the user is more likely to visit your website and might become your lead.


The 6 factors to consider when doing SEO is helpful once implemented successfully. The main question is, should your website be friendly with Google or your target customers? The genuine significance of Search Engine Optimization is not only to boost your sites rankings on Google. While optimizing your website content, it will provide valuable benefits to your viewers. This will urge them to become your active customers.

Both sides of SEO must be optimized properly. Thus, the website should be friendly with Google and your target audience.  Take note that Google will rank your site higher during SEO but will not be converted into a sale. But your target users will, especially if the website is well-optimized.

Once you create interesting and useful content, viewers will enjoy it. This will start to give signals to Google how useful your website is. Hence, it will start generating higher rankings that will make it more authoritative than others. So always consider what your customers would like to see and everything will follow.

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