The Complete Guide to Becoming a Shopify Developer in 2024

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The Complete Guide to Becoming a Shopify Developer in 2024

Shopify is the leading ecommerce system, empowering over 1 million businesses to develop and run their online stores. As Shopify continues its fast growth, the need for knowledgeable Shopify programmers continues to rise significantly. The job of Shopify developers is amazing and extremely impactful –

they help develop solutions that assist business owners worldwide expand their businesses. By ending up being a Shopify designer, you can appreciate work stability, flexible work arrangements, freedom over your tasks, and high earning possibilities. The understanding of contour is convenient with the ideal methods. If you’re up for a rewarding and profitable job building the future of commerce, becoming a Shopify developer in 2024 is a great selection. In this extensive guide, we’ll discuss whatever you need to understand to become a successful Shopify developer.

shopify developers

Shopify developers

What is a Shopify Developer?

A Shopify developer is someone who builds apps and integrations to extend the functionality of Shopify stores. They use Shopify’s APIs and SDKs to create solutions for merchants’ needs.

Some common tasks of a Shopify developer include:

  • Developing new Shopify apps and submitting them to the Shopify App Store
  • Building custom storefronts and themes
  • Integrating Shopify with third-party platforms like accounting, ERP, or marketing software
  • Creating scripts and tools to automate processes for stores
  • Providing consultation services to help merchants improve their stores

In short, Shopify developers help merchants customize and enhance their ecommerce capabilities beyond what the core Shopify platform offers. Their work directly enables merchants to grow their businesses.

Why Become a Shopify Developer?

Here are some of the key reasons to consider becoming a Shopify developer:

High Demand

Shopify powers over 1 million businesses around the world. The Shopify App Store has over 6,000 apps. Yet there remains endless opportunity for developers to build apps and services. As Shopify grows, so does demand for developers.

Flexible and Remote Work

Most Shopify developer jobs allow for remote work. You can work from anywhere with an internet connection. The work also lends itself well to freelancing and running your consultancy. The flexible nature of Shopify development work appeals to many.

Rewarding Work

Shopify developers help small businesses succeed by solving real problems for them. It’s rewarding to hear success stories from merchants you assisted. Your apps and services have a real impact on merchants’ livelihoods.

Entrepreneurial Opportunities

Many Shopify developers bootstrap their apps or services. Some can build sustainable businesses by selling their solutions. The potential rewards can be significant for successful Shopify-related products.

High Earning Potential

Experienced Shopify developers can command strong salaries and high hourly rates, especially if they possess in-demand skills. The typical salary ranges from $75,000 to well over $100,000 annually.

In summary, Shopify development offers stable demand, flexible work, entrepreneurship potential, and impressive earning ability. As an in-demand skillset, it’s appealing on many fronts.

shopify developers

shopify developers

What Skills Do You Need to Become a Shopify Developer?

These are the most important skills to cultivate to become a proficient Shopify developer:

Shopify Fundamentals

You need an in-depth understanding of core Shopify concepts like products, collections, carts, and checkouts. Familiarity with Shopify themes, sections, and liquid templating is also required. Most learning comes directly from building stores, apps, and themes.

Web Development Basics

Most Shopify development utilizes web languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Ruby. Experience with common web development frameworks helps considerably.

Liquid Templating

Liquid is Shopify’s templating language used extensively in themes and apps. The ability to work with Liquid is vital for Shopify developers.

APIs and API Integration

Connecting apps and services requires API knowledge. Developers should understand REST APIs, authentication, webhooks, and other integration concepts.

Ruby on Rails

Most Shopify apps are built with Ruby on Rails, so this framework is highly recommended. Some developers also use Node.js and other languages.

Partner Ecosystem Knowledge

Understanding the broader Shopify ecosystem helps when building solutions. This includes Shopify App CLI, APIs, Script Editor, App Store, and Partners Dashboard.

The foundation comes from core web development skills. But dedicated practice with Shopify’s platform takes learning to the next level. and digital marketing agencies provide different kinds of services including Shopify services.  

shopify developers

shopify developers

Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming a Shopify Developer

If you’re new to Shopify development, follow these steps to launch your career:

1. Learn Core Web Development Skills

Start with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, APIs, and an MVC framework like Ruby on Rails. You need a baseline to build upon. Codecademy, Udemy, and similar platforms offer beginner-friendly courses.

2. Study Shopify Fundamentals

Shopify offers fantastic free educational resources. Their pathways teach the Shopify fundamentals through hands-on projects. Earning badges displays your proficiency.

3. Experiment With a Development Store

Create a free development store to tinker with apps, themes, and customizations. This practical experience cements your learning. The Shopify Partners Dashboard provides the store and resources.

4. Contribute to the Community

Join the Shopify Partners Slack group. Follow Shopify developers on Twitter. Read blogs and forums. Contribute by answering questions and sharing insights. Give back to the community.

5. Build Your Apps and Themes

Apps let you solve merchant problems while demonstrating your skills. Themes showcase your design abilities and liquid mastery. Portfolio projects like these help land that first client or job.

6. Continue Learning and Stay Up to Date

Shopify and the ecosystem evolve constantly. Follow release notes, learn new APIs, and experiment with alpha features. Staying current is what separates novice and expert developers.

With this roadmap, you can go from beginner to professional Shopify developer. Be patient with yourself while learning. Shopify has a steep learning curve, but the long-term rewards make it worthwhile.

FAQs About Becoming a Shopify Developer

Do I need to know how to code to become a Shopify developer?

Yes, you need working knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and web frameworks like Ruby on Rails. Shopify development requires hands-on coding skills.

What is the best way to learn Shopify development?

Utilize Shopify’s excellent free educational resources. Create a development store to apply your learning. Build real apps and themes. Stay active in the Shopify community.

How long does it take to become a Shopify developer?

It depends on your existing skills, but plan on 6 months of dedicated learning for those with some development experience. Total beginners may spend a year or more to reach proficiency. Be patient and keep practicing.

Do I need a college degree to become a Shopify developer?

No degree is required. Demonstrable skills and portfolio work matter most. Many self-taught developers succeed in this field.

What is the best Shopify app to develop as a beginner?

Start simple – modify an existing open-source app or build something that solves your own needs first. A basic discount app or social media integration app makes a good starter project.

Can I get a job as a Shopify developer?

Yes, Shopify developer roles are in high demand. Many companies hire developers remotely too. Get some app projects under your belt, network in the community, and check job boards.

How much do Shopify developers earn?

According to Glassdoor, Shopify developers in the US earn an average of $75,000 to $120,000 annually. Senior roles and freelance rates exceed $100/hour. Location, skills, and experience affect salaries significantly.

What skills and technologies should I learn?

Prioritize HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, Liquid, and REST APIs. Also, learn the Shopify platform inside and out. Frontend, backend, or full-stack skills are all valuable.


Coming to be a Shopify developer is an appealing job path as ecommerce booms. With the appropriate critical approach, you can go from novice to pro. Shopify’s environment gives abundant academic sources and community support. By understanding both technological and Shopify-specific skills, you can succeed as a Shopify programmer. The need for proficient Shopify experts continues rising– start learning today and build apps that aid merchants prosper!

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