The Ultimate Guide to Locating the Best Shopify Agency in the UK

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The Ultimate Guide to Locating the Best Shopify Agency in the UK

Shopify has become one of the most preferred ecommerce systems, equipping over 1 million organizations to sell online. As Shopify continues to grow, an increasing number of companies are trying to find help from Shopify specialists to develop, style, and maximize their shops. This has led to a rise in Shopify agencies in London.

But with so many options, how do you know which Shopify agency is the best fit for your business? This ultimate guide will walk you through everything you need to know to find the right Shopify partner in the UK.

shopify agency

Shopify agency

What is a Shopify Agency?

A Shopify agency is a company that specializes in building, designing, developing, and optimizing Shopify stores for clients. Rather than handling your Shopify store in-house, you can partner with an agency to leverage their expertise.

Shopify agencies offer a range of services including:

  • Store setup & migration
  • Theme design & customization
  • App development & integration
  • SEO optimization
  • Marketing & traffic strategies
  • Ongoing support & maintenance

The best digital marketing agencies have in-depth knowledge of the Shopify platform and experience building successful stores across multiple industries. This allows them to quickly understand your business needs and translate them into an effective Shopify website.

Benefits of Working with a Shopify Agency

Here are some of the top benefits of partnering with the right Shopify agency:

Save Time with Specialized Experts

A quality Shopify agency will have a dedicated team of experts across design, development, and digital marketing agencies. This means you save significant time compared to learning how to build a Shopify store in-house. They also stay on top of the latest Shopify updates and best practices.

Increase Sales with Optimization

Experienced Shopify developers and designers can optimize both technical and visual elements to increase conversions. This includes improving page speeds, creating frictionless checkouts, and crafting compelling product pages.

Get Ongoing Support

Leading Shopify agencies provide ongoing support to continue optimizing your store. You’ll have a trusted team to rely on as your business grows or you run into any issues.

Access More Advanced Functionality

Agencies build advanced features including custom apps, complex integrations, and machine learning tools into your store. Things that are typically beyond the capability of in-house teams.

Scale Your Business Faster

A knowledgeable agency guides you through critical phases of growth from adding new product lines to expanding into wholesale or international markets.

Focus In-House Efforts on Your Strengths

You’re likely better off focusing internal resources on core competencies like product development and customer service. This lets your staff play to their strengths while the agency handles technical implementation.

There are many potential benefits of finding the right Shopify agency partner in the UK. But not all agencies are created equal.

shopify agency

Shopify agency

Factors to Consider When Choosing a UK Shopify Agency

With the Shopify agency market growing in London, it can be challenging to identify the best fit for your particular business. Here are the most important factors to evaluate:

Relevant Industry Experience

Look for agencies with experience building successful Shopify stores in your specific industry. For example, an agency focused on high-volume fashion retailers will have different expertise than one specializing in low-volume art galleries. Experience in your niche speeds up the process and leads to better outcomes.

Specific Services You Need

Some agencies just focus on initial store setup and design, while others provide ongoing optimization and support. Define the short and long-term services you’ll need so you can assess if a potential agency matches up.

Shopify Expertise & Certifications

You want an agency that lives and breathes Shopify. Look for official Shopify Partner status, certified Shopify developers and designers on staff, and participation in Shopify events. Deep platform expertise should translate into faster and higher quality services.

Portfolio of Proven Results

Examine their portfolio of past Shopify projects and client testimonials to validate the quality of work. You’re looking for proven success in building profitable, conversion-optimized stores in your space.

Location & Timezones

In-person collaboration can be invaluable during initial design and development. Determine if an agency has onshore or offshore teams and consider time zones for ongoing collaboration. Communication delays can equate to slower progress.

Pricing & Contracts

Evaluate both upfront and ongoing costs for the services you need. Watch for red flags like locking you into rigid long-term contracts versus flexible month-to-month. Just ensure you understand exactly what’s included with different packages.

Technical Capabilities

If you need advanced customizations and integrations, ensure the digital marketing agency has demonstrated technical skills in areas like Shopify Theme Development, App Development, and API Integrations.

By carefully vetting agencies against these criteria, you’ll be well-positioned to make the right choice. Now let’s look at a few of the top Shopify agency options to consider in the UK.

Top Shopify Agencies & Developers in the UK

The Shopify agency and developer ecosystem has exploded across the UK in recent years. Here are some of the most noteworthy options to consider:

Made Brave

Made Brave is an award-winning digital agency focused 100% on Shopify. They offer comprehensive services from store setup to ongoing growth services. Made Brave has deep expertise in fashion, beauty, luxury, and consumer products. They’ve also expanded into physical retail Shopify integrations.

Pixel Union

Pixel Union builds beautifully designed stores focused on conversion optimization. They are a certified Shopify Plus partner agency handling complex, high-volume Shopify deployments. Pixel Union also creates popular Shopify apps including Learts and Emporos.


With a global team of 250+ specialists, Flexify provides Shopify development, design, marketing, and support services. Flexify focuses on mid-market and enterprise brands selling B2C or B2B. They are a Shopify Plus agency partner.


Imagex helps brands tell their story through strategic Shopify store builds combined with compelling visual design. They work with everyone from funded startups like Chalk to large retailers like JDSports. Imagex also handles complex migrations from Magento or custom platforms to Shopify.


statements specialize in building high-end luxury and fashion stores on Shopify. Their portfolio includes Project D, SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker, and ATP Atelier. statements handle the entire project from conceptual strategy to visual design to development.

This covers just a sampling of the many great Shopify agencies across the UK. By exploring these options against your specific criteria, you can identify the right long-term Shopify partner for your business.

shopify agency

Shopify agency

6 Tips for Working Successfully with Your Agency

Once you’ve selected your Shopify agency, make sure you set the engagement up for ongoing success. Here are 6 tips:

1. Define Requirements Up Front

Create a comprehensive brief detailing your company, products, target markets, and both functional and design requirements for the project. This ensures alignment and manages expectations upfront.

2. Assign an Internal Project Lead

Appoint a knowledgeable internal project lead to coordinate your team and act as the main point of contact for the agency. This keeps communication efficient and allows for quick decision-making.

3. Share Knowledge About Your Business

Educate your agency partner about your company history, brand messaging, products, customers and industry trends. This context helps them make smart strategic decisions during development.

4. Meet Regularly to Review Progress

Set up regular meetings or status reports to discuss project status, preview new designs, review outstanding issues, and adjust timelines if needed.

5. Provide Timely Feedback

Review deliverables from the agency and promptly provide feedback. This keeps things moving smoothly while designs and features are still top of mind.

6. Build a Long Term Partnership

View your agency as a long-term partner invested in your success. Share future business plans and work together to accomplish long-term goals versus just one-off projects.

By starting your digital marketing agency engagement off right and maintaining clear communication, you’ll achieve better results and form a lasting partnership.

Now that you know how to find the right Shopify agency and build a successful relationship, you’re well on your way to accelerating your ecommerce success. Leverage agency expertise to create a high-converting Shopify store that delights customers and takes your business to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions About Working with a Shopify Agency

What does a Shopify agency do?

A Shopify agency handles all technical, design, and optimization services for your Shopify store. This includes store setup, theme design, app development, marketing, and ongoing support. They have specialized expertise versus building a Shopify store in-house.

How much do Shopify agencies charge?

Pricing varies based on services included and agency location. Simple store builds start around £2,000. More advanced custom builds range from £5,000 to £25,000+. Many agencies also offer monthly retainers for ongoing optimization.


Finding the right Shopify agency is critical to building, optimizing, and scaling your ecommerce business. This guide has walked you through how to select the best UK Shopify partner for your needs. Focus on proven expertise in your niche, technical capabilities, portfolio results, and location when evaluating agencies. Then be sure to clearly define requirements, maintain open communication, and view your agency as a long-term partner. By leveraging agency specialists, you can create a high-converting Shopify store that drives online sales and takes your business to the next level.

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